Garden Design Hand Drawn,

Heart And Passion.

We design each bespoke garden with the client, their needs and dreams very much in mind. We believe the garden should be a used, much loved and functional space delivering exactly what you need.

If you have young children and like to entertain friends then the garden should reflect this and provide you with the opportunity to be able to use it and enjoy it to its full potential.

Whatever your idea you have for your garden we can help bring it alive.

Court Yards Charlesworth Gardens can help you transform or create an idyllic court yard to relax. A perfect space to create an aromatic garden from pots and raised boarders for example.

Summer Kitchens Charlesworth Gardens can help you to create the perfect summer kitchen for entertaining. Why not include a fire pit or pizza oven. What about adding an entertainment system so music or television can be enjoyed outside. We live in Spain so let’s make the most of it by maximising our outside space. A summer kitchen can be as complex or as simple as you like. Let Charlesworth Gardens help you bring your ideas to life or design you something you could have never imagined.

Ponds And Water Features Ponds and water feature features no matter how big or small all create the most wonderful effect and sense of calm. Weather you decide to have a large pond built or go for a fountain Charlesworth Gardens will have ideas and products for you. We have a wide catalogue to choose from.

Garden Lighting Lighting is essential to a garden. It creates a dramatic effect when the sun goes down. Lighting can bring life and excitement to the most plain of gardens. Lighting does not need to be expensive and can be as extensive as you like. A few well placed lights can make all the difference. Why not consider the option of fiber optics.

Garden Furniture We are able to source furniture and accessories for your garden for all styles and budgets. We are also able to design bespoke pieces to be custom made for you.

Entertainment Systems You can have entertainment systems in your garden, such as T.V’s, music and the like. Either these can just be rigged outside, or, whole integral systems can be built in to connect the home and garden together digitally and sometimes wirelessly. This allows the use of music outside and controlled externally, but with the expensive equipment safe in your house.

Art and Sculpture Art and Sculpture can be added to a garden to help interest and can have a really impressive impact. 

Garden structures. A garden structure can be for a variety of uses. Maybe you want a social space for entertaining or a Summer Kitchen for outside dining, or a discrete office away from your home, so you can close the door and leave work behind. Whatever the use a structure can be built in to the design and your garden adding to its overall look and effect.

Decking, we can supply both hard and soft wood for decking. Decking can often be a great solution for awkward spaces or height changes. Decking is a great way to create usable space without the need for costly retaining walls. It also works very well around swimming pools.

Dry Stone Walls We have built many Dry Stone Walls in the UK and Spain. We will always try to build according to your surroundings and style in your area choosing the stone accordingly (but if you would like something different that is no problem).

Paving and Tiling Charlesworth Gardens are experts in paving and tiling. Detail, clean cuts, joins, and correct fall all matter and are what really make the difference.

Irrigation Systems Irrigation is an important part of Mediterranean gardening. When timed and installed properly a well fitted irrigation system will water when you want the quantity you want directly to the areas which need watering. By slowly drip releasing water you prevent wastage and maximise the effect. An irrigation system has to be thought out and carefully planned before installation. An irrigation system also allows you to relax if you spend time away from your Spanish home.